Water. Food. Land Consultants.

Reducing phosphorus and nitrogen overloading from our waterways and lands. Food & Water Scarcity for all people. Greenhouse revolution systems and solutions.

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Revenue from Animal waste streams

Reducing illegal dumping and waste build-up by turning animal manures into new revenues streams. Composted Nutrient Fertilizers. Digested energy source.

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Equine Reclaimed Shavings

Shavings that can be sent back to the stalls with the knowledge of safety Q.C. Focused on Equestrian re-use bedding creating a new revenue stream for owners.

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Equine Recycled Shavings

The most efficient way to recycle equestrian shavings today. Manure and waste shavings from the equestrian industry is a crisis yet to be handled. Few have ventured into this multi billion dollar industry. HiPoint has the most efficient, emission free solution on the market today at a price that has an ROI in less than 5 years.*

Closing the deal

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