Help build a waste-free equine world by 2030 


HiPoint creates higher quality, lower priced recycled wood shaving bedding, soils, and energy projects you can trust.  Naturally!

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp is a closed-loop environmental recycling company with a zero-waste mandate being the first to solve the horse stall residual waste crisis while positively impacting non-point source pollution & global warming in a multibillion-dollar industry. Stall residuals have become a wastestream that is being inadequately and illegally disposed of at a high cost to many counties' agricultural lands, air, and water habitat. HiPoint re-purposes high-quality byproducts through innovation, infusion technology and energy projects, while reducing our industries' carbon footprint.

Don't spread -fill - or burn stall waste - REuse every component as recycled hypo-allergenic bedding - soils and non-fossil fuels. It is our passion, together it is your evolution of horse stall residual waste. Learn more here.

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Our primary product and revenue stream is the unique way we separate, sterilize, and ship - hypoallergenic anti-bacterial bagged bedding back to horse farms and tack shops.

The future of horse health is in your bedding.

HiPoint is proud to be the first to manufacture a Hypoallergenic premium quality performance horse bedding sustainably recycled. Each bag of hipoint performance bedding is separated, heated, pasteurized, and infused with natural tree and plant oils to be the best a horse can get. it is "the most sustainable horse bedding in the world" at the same or lower average competitive bagged price, with many added benefits included. 

The future of soil health is from your stall.

After separating the wood shavings, the biomass is extracted, cured, and sold as a high yield soil amendment, fertilizer, or through pyrolysis made into biochar that has shown to reduces HABS. We can create a higher yield digestate for AD methane capture for LNG methane gas production.


HiPoint byproduct is created through multiple compost bioreactors that can process tons of manure dust and fines in less space and less time than composting.

Biochar Gas AD

energy projects are viable from the separated woody biomass. Once we recycle the very best savings for re-use the separated biomass and broken wood particles can be processed through pyrolysis as biochar syn-gas and where viable full-scale anaerobic digestion digestate to produce gas back to the grid.  Through government projects, we will produce syngas to biochar and develop technologies to create green hydrogen storage from horse waste bedding.

The future of energy projects is in separation 

HiPoint is proud to state that we waste nothing and gain everything in its proprietary process. To reduce the need for fossil fuels in a low-carbon economy, it is vital that we re-use every part of the biomass byproduct. Woody biomass can be processed as biochar and syn-gas. The haulers can bring lower grade SRW direct to Anaerobic Digestion facilities, where HiPoint and its partners create methane gas, which is then sold back to the grid on long-term feedstock agreements.

The future of the environment is in your hands.

Where there are Agricultural lands, lakes, canals, and many stalled horses and humans co-existing water quality diminishes.  Building a HiPoint facility in equestrain regions reduces phosphorus and nitrogen overloading into our waterways and lands by thousands of lbs per day. By stopping illegal and inadequate dumping of stall waste we can reduce algal blooms and fecal matter contamination while lowering water treatment costs and the use of chemcials.

Globally, 1.2 Tg of Methane off-gassing & leaching comes from Horses each year. We are socially doing our part to reduce global warming while converting manure into new revenue streams. Our process will reduce 100,000 + lbs of methane Ch4 per Facility per year.

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HiPoint is an essential waste management utility with an environmental protection mandate. HiPoint curbs multiple environmental hazards with our Facilities, while we give back 1% to the planet. 

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HiPoint's technology monitoring and waste tracing software is for the HiPoint Facility. Counties can use EPR Zero (waste tracking) for their waste management tracking and take control of EPR Traceability. 

The future of waste is in computer learning AI

As part of the HiPoint process, we built the EPR Zero (waste tracing) software with secure blockchain algorithms to track the flow of waste from farm to the disposal site.  Designed to aid in HiPoint's biosecurity of tracing each load, it will also calculate carbon credits for a low carbon economy.  Determining the quantity of waste produced in a region and how waste is safely disposed of is a key need for local government and haulers

The future of horse medications is from nature.

Through HiPoint's colobration, an MVP was born to increase margin and early sales to a region. 

Horse and rider have been woven together throughout the ages, so we looked at how we could create a better environment for both. Naturally.

Both horse and rider work so hard to accomplish perfection, and it is stressful. This product line revolutionizes horses' health and well-being with OTC topical blends for anti-fungal, skin health, wounds,  breathing, and anti-inflammatory pain relief.

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Due to the years of research to create the safe, natural infusion compound for the bedding, HiPoint collaborated with Natural 4 Life to produce a line of OTC medications for horses. HiPoint sells into a region before the Facility—offering early revenues, adoption, and recognition. MVP (minimum viable product)

"In our view, nobody has solved the stall residual waste bedding problem because they didn’t think it was a problem until now." 

What to do next?

Our internal staff and external ambassadors at HiPoint are everyday reigning champions. We are immersed in the sustainability of our environment and our love for horses, animals, and weekend warriors whose Planet is their Genesis and need to protect it. We value being methodical, clear-focused with a sensible structure to drive growth in a new niche to an old problem. Everyone has a role to play, and we encourage personal development, technical innovation, and geographical development of that role across the globe. Learn why HiPoint is the company you would want to join, trust, and grow with.  

We get lots of questions about our process ~ especially when it's located in the heart of equestrian regions.

We want to dispel the myths and answer your questions. CLICK HERE The top four: Odor, noise, trucking & groundwater.  Let's start with that we do not accept rotting manure - nothing is piled outside, everything is made inert and there is low to no odor at any time. Read on.

Are you Environmentally Minded?

Probably the Best Hypo-allergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding in the world, for distinguished environmentally-minded equestrians.

 Environmental Sustainability through the Influence of the Horse.

The horse industry creates over 3 million tons of waste per month in North America alone. Creating 1.2 million tons of CH4 Methane off-gassing and leaching every year contributing to Global Warming. If the planet can not rise above 1.5 oC, what part are we playing to affect change? HiPoint can reduce GHG Methane off-gassing and leaching by up to 200,000 lbs per year for each Facility built. Pollution from Horse stall residual waste contributes to nutrient overloading which is a major cause of Algal blooms. From leaching and inadequate disposal of horse stall residual waste, HiPoint can reduce thousands of tons of nutrients (NPK) and fecal matter from entering our waterways costing million in clean up and chemicals from water treatment facilities.

HPAB Facilities manufactures premium wood shavings bedding at market competitive prices due to three key factors: Location. Transportation. Feedstock. Including a profitable byproduct of high-quality organic matter biomass as soil, biochar, fuel, or natural LNG gas.

Higher margins, price, quality, and competitiveness to market in highly populated horse regions, are the driving factors of our business success. 

There is a sustainable, innovative growth solution - we encourage you to learn more.

Giving Back


HiPoint is a Proud Partner of the Equine For Change Foundation. Canadian Federally-Listed Not-for-profit Corporation 1145247-9 Dedicated to Equine Health, Security, Research & Beauty within our Industry. † Healthier Horses. Healthier Environment. We have three focused Initiatives. Educational Change. Legislative & Regulatory Change. Environmental Best Practices." VISIT HERE

Equine For Change has a passion is in promoting the health and welfare of horse and rider in a healthier environment through influencing governmental and legislative change, public education, and awareness. They focus on the stewardship of the land, reducing manure emissions from the air, land, and waterways by creating, developing, and funding innovative research and technologies. Bring awareness by managing global industry data, matching equestrian owners with industry partners to build out the industry together, morally and ethically, for the security and wellbeing of horses and their owners. Their vision. A global movement to look after the horses we care about today (through technology and best management practices) for our environment tomorrow. (by being good stewards of the land repurposing the manure waste-stream for good.) Together we can make a radical change in the equestrian industry. EFCF 2019 (c) .

This result of "wasting nothing and gaining everything" philosophy created new profitable revenue streams from this waste stream that has had a significant negative impact on the environment. By removing this waste stream and preventing stockpiling on land and nearby waterways, we can reduce leaching of phosphorous and nitrogen into the canals and waterways (algae blooms), improve water quality, and reduce methane off-gassing that causes high GHG's greenhouses gasses.  This, in turn, will direct impact climate change creating a healthier better planet.