We can do better Compost on Ag lands!


For soil health, it’s time to do better with compost

By Susan Antler
August 31, 2021

Susan Antler states

We need to do better. Currently only one-third of our organic residuals are being recycled. The remainder is being landfilled and is responsible for methane emissions from "nuisance grounds," which account for 20 percent of Canada's national methane emissions.

A recent Canadian Food Inspection Agency presentation acknowledged that 77 percent of Canada's nitrous oxide emissions - the greenhouse gas which damages the ozone layer and is about 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide - are created through the use of inorganic, nitrogen-based fertilizers. Compost is simply a better way. It can optimize nutrient input into soil, providing better soil structure to help with their absorption by crops and within the soil, rather than promoting their escape into the air as nitrous oxide, run-off into surface water, or leachate into groundwater.


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The Goal for HiPoint soil division, is to separate SRW leading to low lignin cellulose soil that is rich in nutrients holds in the NPK and works better than regular compost.  We look forward to showcasing our soils in the near future. We believe we will do more to push composting to a new level than ever before.

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