The build process for the HPAB method is a multi-step automated process analyzed from industry and engineering professionals to become the first state of the art environmental recycling company.

                              HiPoint process is the most advanced automated system

                             It is a state of the art fully covered Facility

                             Due to thermodynamic drying we have low to no emissions 

HPAB build process, Build Process, HPAB Process (C) | Environmental Recycling


HPAB takes the waste spent horse shavings from the local barns through official haulers in covered trucks to the bio-secure Facility.  The enclosed building is where the HPAB© process routes the waste shavings through a 6-step process. Pre-separation of manure, plastics, metals. The wet shavings are dried to remove urea, water, pathogens, and bring moisture down. Custom oscillating screens remove the organic matter fines and dust out of reusable recycled shavings. Then a natural organic compound is infused into the shavings ready to be bagged and distributed for reuse. What is created is clean, safe pathogen-free shavings for equine bedding re-use.

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Six-Step Process

By implementing a six-step bio-secure treatment process, we have created a recycled wood shaving that is better than the original ™ both environmentally friendly and better for the barn, horse, and rider. We waste nothing in the process recycling manure, fines, shavings, and water while collecting a tipping fee/ton of waste.

All bedding is processed undercover. There is no manure smell or chemicals in the reclaimed bedding with continuous lab testing.  The manure buns, fines, and organics are sent to covered bio-reactors to cure as biomass, to sell as a soil amendment, mixer, anaerobic gas digestate or biofuel.


Are you environmentally curious?

Try HiPoint brand of horse shavings.  Best Hypoallergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding to distinguished environmentally curious equestrians.