Canada Day – HPAB launches new Recycled Bedding Video

HiPoint is a Canadian process sold to Partners and Horse regions across the world for a truly Global solution to horse waste stall residuals that are being inadequately disposed of, creating millions of tons of waste every month in North America alone. We are very proud to launch their first of two videos to show our proprietary process. For more information please contact or call 1.844.900.4880 We want to educate everyone on the benefits of recycling the wood shavings in multiple cycles to help the equine industry and the environment.

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp and its partners, using the HPAB Process, recycle equine stall residuals naturally, without the use of chemicals or polymers, through a six-step process of multi-stage separation, drying, pasteurization, infusion and bagging. We do this while supporting waste management, best practices, and biosecurity procedures. HPAB Facilities combine wood shaving recycling, water reclamation, and biomass byproducts to manage the total horse stall residual waste stream effectively. Currently this waste stream is being inadequately disposed of, creating environmental hazards such as leaching and methane off-gassing greenhouse gasses (GHG's) to our lands, waterways, and planet. The next generation is relying on us to solve this crisis.


Our process uses no additional water or washing, no chemicals or polymers; just clean competitively priced recycled bedding for equestrian stalls in barns, show grounds and tracks in the heart of equestrian regions thorugh a “safe for all” process.


The HPAB proprietary process is unique, with its Multi-use ability. The bedding can be recycled in multiple cycles, unlike other bedding products like compacted pellets or logs. The HPAB process makes recycled bedding safer for horses, riders, and the environment.


We waste nothing in the process of recycling manure, fines, shavings, and reclaiming wastewater.


HiPoint teaser 15


The HPAB process takes the spent horse shavings from local barns through official haulers in covered trucks to the bio-secure Facility. The enclosed building is where the HPAB© process routes the waste shavings through a six-step process. The Buildings can be humidity and odor controlled and designed as a steel arena style building for equine aesthetics. Facilities hold from 18,000 to 59,000 tons of waste per year with a partition wall to separate manure stall residuals from the cleaning process and a second connected building storing the organic matter biomass. With airflow and distribution warehousing we create a productive environment for our staff. All bedding is processed undercover.

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