Why HiPoint does what it does!

It is a crisis HiPoint can solve today.

The image is commonplace, and it is why we do it! For far too long, waste streams that pileup and pollute our rivers and off-gas to the ozone layer have been hidden or abandoned. There are not enough human resources from a regulatory standpoint to enforce the laws. The industry has created a new manure crisis not seen since 1894. HiPoint challenged those norms to solve the manure crisis and bring the onus back to farms by tracking the waste through EPR responsibility. We can do this because today, we have a viable solution to remove, repurpose, and reuse the waste stream, separating sterilizing and infusing natural wood horse bedding back to the farms and the waste bi-product into organic matter composted fertilizer.


We are excited to announce our Flagship is moving forward to build in 2021 to show the world what we can achieve for the industry and the environment.

HiPoint image SRW stall residual waste manure pile 2

Thankfully tracks and showgrounds are getting facelifts to be mostly modern facilities, and they showcase their grounds to their guests for many more years to come, however many times they don't show round back......

Let us hope this modern facility does not allow customers to the back 40 ???

HiPoint wants to make it clear - it's not always the farm, showground, or racetrack fault. There has never been more waste, and never has there been a solid solution to the problem. Until now.

This is why we do it!


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Why HiPoint does what it does!

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If you come across great piles of wood shavings manure piling up from the horse industry let us know so we can start the process to help these regions around the world.


Send you images to Email:  crisis AT hipointbedding.com or direct message images to facebook

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