Our goal is to educate our Farms, Partners, and Industry to the best quality shavings while being environmentally curious. We solve two equestrian issues. 1. Where to remove their waste. 2. How to buy hypoallergenic dust-free bedding that is naturally infused to be anti-viral anti-bacterial helping horse and rider in the barn environment. Introducing HiPoint premium bedding.


The long term waste management crisis:

  • 2017 was the tipping point to the second manure crisis – the worst since 1894
  • Landfill, burning, spreading, or stockpiling are becoming regulated and/or illegal
  • Horse process 10% of the global methane off-gassing a major factor in Global Warming
  • Air, soil and water contamination is becoming mainstream with the horse waste-stream
  • Disposal solutions are minimal, and a solution is required if we are going to effect change
  • The industry is facing a shortage of affordable wood fiber bedding due to supply & transportation

The Solution

 HPAB A clean recycling solution to solve the crisis:

  • Low to no emission equipment to recycle a waste stream validated by Wood PLC Engineering team
  • Elimination of illegal & inadequate dumping
  • Reduces exposure & risk of high clean up costs associated with improper waste management
  • Clean-energy solution in forefront of emissions control
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses & has a positive impact on global warming
  • Eliminate pathogens and reduce veterinary costs for horse and owners
  • Supports local government regulations
  • Creates new economic revenue model from a waste stream


Location. Transport. Feedstock.

HPAB Facilities manufactures a premium shavings product at half the price of the competition due to three key factors: Location. We are building in the heart of equestrian regions. Transportation, Lower emissions. Closer to Farms.  Feedstock. We do not need to buy tree farms as we are taking a waste stream and repurposing it for good and reuse in multiple cycles.

Why do it?

To Make Money.

To Make a Difference.

Supporting the Horse Industry.

A True Feel-Good Story.

Are you environmentally minded?

Try HiPoint brand of horse shavings.  Best Hypoallergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding to distinguished environmentally curious equestrians.