Our goal is to educate our Farms, Partners, and Industry to the best quality shavings while being environmentally curious. We solve two equestrian issues. 1. Where to remove their waste. 2. How to buy hypoallergenic dust-free bedding that is naturally infused to be anti-viral anti-bacterial helping horse and rider in the barn environment. Introducing HiPoint premium bedding.

                              HiPoint process is the most advanced automated system

                             It is a state of the art fully covered Facility

                             Due to thermodynamic drying we have low to no emissions 

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Why HiPoint?


With so much waste being inadequately spread on fields or disposed of across our Country, the solution is to take this vast undesirable waste stream and create a new sustainable agricultural business standard in the market. We can change the way equine bedding is handled by implementing an advanced technology process that will become an integral part of modern standards and horse farm. In this way, you can start to see the value in creating a Hypoallergenic dust-free recycled bedding that is better than standard wood shavings in horse stalls today.

Manure Management Emissions data HiPoint Agro Bedding



  1. HiPoint Facilities fits into 3.0 to 5.0 acres to accommodate 25,000 - 45,000 sq. ft covered building 2. Recycling all the waste stall residuals, totally undercover, with no leaching or off-gassing
  2. Adhere to government standards and permitting of proper waste management practices
  3. There are only low emissions and noise throughout the whole process
  4. We will reduce emissions from haulers trucking shavings off-site to unknown dumpsites
  5. There will be less waste being dumped on our lands and waterways
  6. Reduces algae blooms by reducing phosphorous hotspots on land and in lakes
  7. The lignin in wood does not breakdown; spreading increases leaching and nitrate deficient soils Recycling the organic matter fines as a biofuel or soil amendment in a closed-loop process
  8. Little to no water is required, water is created and used for irrigation at the site and local region
  9. Because it can be recycled in multiple cycles, we are reducing the environmental impact of leaching and off-gassing to our water and lands reducing forest cutting, deforestation and protecting tree lands

For Horse Owners

  1. Reliable on-site bedding product on demand
  2. Increased farm efficiency by decreasing the time to clean and recharge stalls
  3. Bedding is heat pasteurized for inert hypo-allergenic dust-free bedding bagged for safety
  4. Happier Healthier environment. A green alternative to waste
  5. Saves on Operational Costs
  6. Economically viable - a lower price than shipping and buying new shavings
  7. Reduces manure disposal costs, and onsite equipment

For Horses

  1. Anti-microbial, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Mold bagged bedding for horse and barn health
  2. Healthier barn environment with no dust, less ammonia and fewer critters running around the stall
  3. A High absorbent rate for urine capture. Hypoallergenic Dust-Free horse shavings recycled for premium quality
  4. Easy clean and more regular cleaning improves barn environment
  5. Eco – Friendly and help the health of horses heal sores and better breathing
  6. Lowers the black fly population and can reduce equine diseases

For Technology

  1. Proprietary compound to infuse bedding to be hypoallergenic anti-mold, anti-viral and safe for all 2. Proprietary infusion tank developed and designed by HiPoint Agro Bedding
  2. Proprietary HiPoint in-feed hopper to stop bridging of material at all in-feed rates
  3. A proprietary process of the HiPoint conveyor mechanism throughout the HPAB © process
  4. Drying system customized design exclusively for HiPoint Agro Bedding to dry horse stall residuals Proprietary HiPoint process to use equipment in a batch or continuous flow
  5. First of its kind monitoring system to track and relay data based on process automation by HiPoint 8. Proprietary EPR traceability software built by HiPoint to track waste using GPS and RFID
  6. A mix of organic matter fines and manure creates a soil amendment through a bioreactor
  7. Taking everything from a stall and recycled it for new revenue streams and a healthier environment

Our story HPAB process (c) 2017

For Value Proposition

  1. A profitable business model in recycling the waste stream of equine stall residuals
  2. Recycling stall residuals continuously as opposed to typical one-time use wood fiber shavings Optimizes the full value chain of stall residuals
  3. Limited legal disposal Inadequate dumping practices are standard
  4. Landfills refuse to take it; land application makes it difficult to compost
  5. Reduces nutrient runoff, leaching, and off-gassing environmental hazards
  6. Reduces transportation cost and emissions from the haulers
  7. Creates new revenue channels, local business opportunities, and local economic opportunities An environmentally sustainable solution to a waste stream

Ahead through Verification. To be Engineered and Built by Woods LLC

Wood PLC has verified the viability of the HiPoint system to remove manure and recycle the shavings efficiently and through their report stated:

  1. Emissions based on the maximum emission scenario are below MOECC limits in compliance with Reg 419/05
  2. Equipment is sufficiently sized to handle require volume throughput
  3. The HPAB dryer system can reduce emissions compared to rotary dryers that are vented to the atmosphere
  4. There are operational & energy efficiency improvements as compared to other conventional technologies
  5. No chemicals are used throughout the separation - drying process in line with good horse bedding practices

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Six-Step Process

By implementing a six-step bio-secure treatment process, we have created a recycled wood shaving that is better than the original ™ both environmentally friendly and better for the barn, horse, and rider. We waste nothing in the process repurposing manure, fines, shavings, and water while collecting a tipping fee/ton of waste.

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Try HiPoint brand of horse shavings.  Best Hypoallergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding to distinguished environmentally curious equestrians.