Environmental Sustainability through the Influence of the Horse.

Environmental Sustainability through the Influence of the Horse.

Horses contribute 1.2Tg of the total agricultural global methane off-gassing and phosphorous leaching into our waterways. We can socially do our part, through HiPoint, and the Equine for Change Foundation to reduce global warming, while converting this manure waste stream into new revenue streams.

HiPoint Agro Bedding is part of the $300 Billion environment recycling market, niching itself in the massive environmental global crisis of horse stall residual waste (wood shavings & manure) contributing to global warming and nutrient leaching. Our mission is to remove and repurpose the stall residual waste from the land and water ways. By wasting nothing and gaining everything ™ HPAB Facilities can repurpose the total stall residual waste stream into multiple revenue streams at market competitive prices due to three key factors: Location. Transportation. Feedstock.

Quotes Cross “In our view, nobody has solved the stall residual waste bedding problem because they didn’t think it was a problem until now.” 

Through the patent pending HPAB process © and HiPoint Infusion ™ technology we are building state of the art facility across the Country to take care of this waste stream by manufacturing the healthiest & most environmentally sustainable recycled animal bedding on the market. Through our highly specific, naturally infused six step process, we produce a high margin, dust-free, hypoallergenic, antiviral, antibacterial, antimold absorbent, and recycled bedding; that protects horse and rider’s health in the barn environment better than any other bedding.

HiPoint Agro Bedding takes on Global Warming

We do this to do our part in reducing the effect of global warming from methane off-gassing and leaching that occurs when horse stalls residual waste is left unattended or disposed of inadequately. The remaining pre-separated manure buns, fines and dust, are repurposed into an organic biomass soil amendment for gardens or as a biofuel to power natural gas fuel cells in hospitals at a reduce cost per MMBTU. The Waste Management market cap is $27 billion in North America.

Manure disposal and replenishing bedding in stalls, is a continual necessity for the health and wellness of horses and costs American riders in excess of $5.5 billion dollars per year. Daily changing of a dust-free quality horse bedding is vital in helping reduce veterinary bills, having a happy horse, along with the most desirable barn environment. The data is clear if you stall your horse throughout the day, deeper bedding and daily cleaning is better for your horse. This practise, however, creates one ton of stall residual waste bedding per month that requires removal.

Defendably there are over three million high-end show or racehorses in North America producing over three million tons of waste per month in North America alone that is being inadequately disposed of, composted or spread, creating 1.2 million tons of CH4 Methane off-gassing and phosphorous leaching into our waterways. If the planet cannot rise above 1.5 oC, what part are we playing to affect change? HiPoint can save up to 200,000 lbs of Ch4 methane off gassing per year per Facility.

There is a sustainable, innovative growth solution. HiPoint is changing the way stall residuals are handles and re-purposed in the heart of equine locations. Everyone has a role to play, and we encourage personal development, technical innovation, and geographical development initiatives to solve a global issue that no one seems to know about.

HiPoint Agro Bedding mission is to manufacture the healthiest & environmentally sustainable animal bedding products on the market through natural Infusion techniques and environmental recycling practises.

HIPoint Bedding process produces Premium Recycled Shavings
HiPoint small flake recycled bedding

HiPoint Agro Bedding announces the launch of HiPoint natural Infusion ™ a new layer of health and safety in bedding for horse, rider, and the barn environment. HiPoint Infusion ™ improves animal health, allow barns to become more naturally sanitary with fewer bugs, critters, and flies (potentially reducing the negative impact of AEI and West Nile). HiPoint Infusion techniques have become a significant part of the HPAB process © that manufactures hypoallergenic dust-free shavings from stall shaving residuals at locally competitive prices.

HiPoint Infusion (tm) 2020

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