The Evolution of Tracing for Waste & Carbon Credits

HiPoint has developed a proprietary software solution called EPR Zero to track waste flow for local governments, haulers, and for HiPoint local facilities. The software is designed to track the movement of waste from the farm gate to the local HiPoint facility and aid in biosecurity protocols. It helps local governments determine the amount of waste produced in a region, how it is safely disposed of, and its final destination being legal or illegal. The software also helps haulers optimize their routes and generate automated invoices for tipping rates and farm disposal costs. In addition, EPR Zero calculates the amount of manure waste, methane off-gassing, or leaching that would have occurred if the waste was dumped illegally or left to rot. This feature enables HiPoint to calculate carbon credits from the data, contributing to responsible disposal and a low-carbon economy. HiPoint can trade these carbon credits and help the planet fight against climate change. Insude the Facility we calculate every lb. of waste coming through our Faciliity to extract as much valuable carbon awareness savings to trade across other Industries that need our credits. This factors into our  methodology of Waste Nothing Gain Everything (tm)

EPR Zero (waste)

In a world gone mobile, local government waste authorities have lost touch on how much waste is being moved, where their waste is being taken from, and where it is going? We niche ourselves in waste tracking, and billing and our first vertical market is the animal waste bedding market primarily equestrian | used horse bedding.

We niche ourselves in tracking waste data using hardware and software to solve pain points with the ability to create carbon credits.

HiPoint and EPR Zero (waste tracking) have combined the requirements of responsible disposal and responsible reuse to help haulers, and local authorities ‘to do better’ to offset disposal costs, reduce taxpayer burden and create a more productive solution to WM | WD | WR  ( waste management | waste disposal | waste reuse. )

EPR is defined as reaching an environmental objective of decreasing the total environmental impact of waste. Creating local government proprietary tracking software solution for haulers using RFID GPS  Admin reporting & Accounting using blockchain algorithms for security.

EPR Tracking 2
EPR Tracking
EPR Zero screenshot HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp IP

HiPoint is creating local government proprietary tracking software solutions for haulers, using RFID GPS Admin reporting & Accounting that uses blockchain algorithms for security

EPR Zero (waste monitoring) tracks haulers and facility mass flow to  have a full picture on where and how much waste bedding came from and how it was disposed of.

EPR Zero Traceability will create a more productive solution to waste management, waste disposal, and waste reuse.

HiPoint Designed a system to track the origin, destination, and disposal of the manure.  Includes the weight or quantity of manure ("load") and generates an invoice.

  • For the County
    • ability to tracking the quantity of produced/ dumped and recycled SRW per year
    • create accurate budgets around enforcement of illegal dumping,
    • charge licenses per year per hauler and offer incentives.
  • For Hauler (legally bound by the license)
    • provide information about deliveries/pickups/times
    • potential for invoicing
    • GPS tracking and route optimization
  • For HiPoint Facility
    • track for emission quota (and carbon credit tracing)
    • biosecurity - source tracing (in case there is an issue with manure)
    • invoicing
  • For the Farmer
    • Credited back for delivered manure and tracking for accuracy from their hauler

HiPoint has Tracing and GPS tracking, geographic locations, and ping alert if the manure is dumped at a non-registered or illegal dumpsite.