Feb 4 2019 – B.C. Equine Waste management rules are enforceable

Good article by Jenn Wilson of Horse Council BC on BC waste management regulation for equine.

The better alternative is to recycle the wood shavings through a process of thermodynamic drying and three phase separation while taking the manure and organics and repurposing that into an organic soil amendment, biofuel, or digestate for anaerobic digestors depending on the region.

There are over 3 million stabled horses in North America producing 3 million tons of waste per MONTH

~ HiPoint new technology and process solves the equestrian waste problem and creates a sustainable business model for the industry.

Read Jenn article here

Learn more about HiPoint HPAB process here

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Leading excellence in Bedding Recovery Technology

HiPoint is changing the way equine bedding is handled by implementing the advanced technology HPAB process that will become an integral part of modern County standards and horse farm operations. The Result. Efficient use of resources cost savings and reducing environmental hazards; such as illegal dumping, nutrient leaching, and phosphorus overloading into our soil and water.

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