HiPoint Florida Presentation Files

6 Minute Proces Video

Our Process video was shot from multiple locations to show building design concept and aesthetics. Plus showing each piece of equipment used to produce our reusable horse bedding and biomass products. The Flagship location (to be built) will bring all equipment and processes integrated into one place under roof. The final building is fully enclosed, so no outside moving of material will be required.

[arve url=”https://secureservercdn.net/″ mode=”normal” thumbnail=”1924″ title=”HiPoint Pro HPAB Process video (C) 2020″ autoplay=”no” /]

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FAQ’s section

Delve deeper into the Presentation files with FAQ’s talking about Process / Flow / Odor /  Site  HERE 

HiPoint FAQ Section HPAB Process
HiPoint FAQ Section HPAB Process

Presentation to Florida

Learn about our location and community protection protocols.






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HiPoint Presentation Files



HiPoint Florida Presentation Files


HiPoint – Our Story – Everyone’s Future



HiPoint FAQ Section HPAB Process

HiPoint Agro Bedding – FAQ –



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