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About a year ago I was asked to document some questions for a community outreach town council - before we were approved for permits in Florida.

The FAQ page expanded to cover many topics which we had documented/buried within the HiPoint site.

Thankfully we were blessed to receive the approval and successfully showcased HiPoint as a solid business case with low to no environmental impact, odor or emissions at the Facility level.

The HiPoint team always gets asked great questions and curiosity about our process and the ability to solve a huge problem while helping the economic value of the equine industry and in our small part helping reduce climate change.

This week, I also got more of those questions, so I went back to the FAQ page to review and update. I was pleased to see we had answered the majority of questions, however, I thought it time to repost the FAQ section to those that want a really good value proposition of HiPoint and the environmental good we will achieve.

If we missed a question or two, let us know below - and we will update the FAQ section to be even more robust - to be used for interest and as an approval document for future community outreach, permitting, and partners.

Happy reading.

Read our answers to your questions here



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