October 2019.

HiPoint Agro Bedding. Building a full manufacturing and processing Facility.

It’s certainly more of a process than you would initially think 🙂 when you start to design a 48,000 sq ft — building for a full manufacturing and processing Facility.

Designing a 48,000 sq ft state of the art covered complex to code.

That takes a team.

Wide HiPoint internal Building Facility HPAB Process

If you thought to fit in the equipment correctly for JIT workflow was a problem, but after version 8, everyone feels comfortable with it – you then get “site planning” approvals, for each specific site with the ordinance, setbacks, and surveys dropping changes on you taking you back through versions 9 to 19… rhetorically speaking. Who knew a few feet made so much difference? I want to thank our teams for working diligently as we get closer to build ready. HiPoint Agro Bedding. Environmental Recycling. Helping Animals and People focus on Bio-Diverse ecosystems. Working within the equestrian industry to recycle & repurpose the stall residual waste stream for the good of the planet and to the economic benefit of the horse industry globally.


3D base line HiPoint buildings HPAB Process

3D rendering. Draft not for reproduction.

Educate & Experience

A new solution is on the Horizon: Article The Town Cryer Wellington