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Lots of people ask what we do?

What questions do you have for us and we will build our FAQ page from customers and investors’ standpoint.

In times of uncertainty, strange things happen. A flourish of negative entrepreneurship happens – prices go up – hoarding and advantages are taken. This is not the way most of us believe it is right, even if they are doing it. 

What we do know is that as we come out of this unsettling time, and for the rest of 2020, there will be tough times for markets like construction which means wood fiber shortages, which will be magnified in the horse industry with a shortage of quality and quantity of safe comfortable horse bedding of which our horses need.

By promoting and sharing the HiPoint story – we can build our Bedding Manufacturing Facilities quicker in the heart of Horse Counties and make a significant difference to the welfare of horse comfort with a wood fiber horse bedding at a price that is competitive to the region with a better quality anti-bacterial hypoallergenic bedding that is better than before on demand and environmental sustainable for the planet.

Let’s get the message out there and share our page hipointbedding.com | facebook | Instagram

Horses have to pee and poo // Horse Poop Matters ™    {????????Matters} We recyle horse shavings from stalls to produce a hypo allergenic dust free bedding on demand.

There are no flies on us!! By removing the horse stall residual waste quickly and efficiently flies cant hatch and produce the uncomfortable situation in our barns – just one more advantage of HiPoint Premium Performance bedding.


We want your help to ask questions so we can be as transparent open and share our ideas with you today.

Are we an environmental company,  a horse bedding company, a manufacturing facility, a recycling company?  Well yes to all of this.

We focus on recycling a wastestream for the good of a business niche, the environment to be significant in everything we do and to help effect Climate change in a positive way while creating profitability for the HiPoint corporation and its investors.

These two embedded documents showcase our summary plan and answer a few FAQ’s that has been asked of us.

We will continue to build our education and FAQ sections while we build out our Flagship locations.

HiPoint HPAB uses and technology

If you cant see the embedded documents

CLICK HERE – 1 page overview

CLICK HERE – External business summary


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HiPoint FAQ


Who we are?

HiPoint Bedding Corp is a Zero Waste Environmental Recycling company that will be the first to manufacture an environmentally sustainable hypoallergenic dust-free animal bedding that solves the stall residual waste crisis while positively impacting global warming, through the influence of the horse.

Our vision: Through the influence of the horse, we bring equestrians and environmental stewardship together through education, technology & recycling to impact meaningful change.” Giving back to the social causes of education, sustainability and climate change.

 Our mission: To manufacture the healthiest & most environmentally sustainable animal bedding products on the market through natural Infusion techniques & environmental recycling practices.”


HiPoint Market Value


Better Margins for Customers & Investors with market competitive pricing produced with substantially higher margins and profits than the competition due to a disruptive supply chain.

 Better Bedding for Horse & Owner through a state-of-the-art enclosed manufacturing process of separation, heat and sterilization with proprietary anti-bacterial infusion techniques we produce a 100% natural premium performance, competitively priced bagged bedding.

 Better for the Environment cutting back waste to landfills, and the reduction of methane off-gassing & leaching to our land and waterways plus lower truck emissions for hauling and delivery through a single perpetual recycling process for a net positive effect on climate change.


HiPoint Value Proposition

The equine marketplace is demanding a competitively priced, high quality, environmentally sustainable alternative to what is currently available in single use virgin wood shavings.

We produce premium performance competitively priced Hypo-Allergenic Bedding & Bio-energy biomass as a result of our environmental recycling process of the total stall residual waste stream.

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp. creates higher margins by being in the heart of equestrian locations. We are paid to receive the feedstock (equine stall residual waste) to our covered transfer station. We recycle, process and manufacture products on-demand supplied at competitive pricing with lower transport costs

Highly Profitable Company. Patent Pending Facilities can generate $1M up to 5M* in projected EBITDA per plant in revenue within 1-3 years of operations at up to 60% margins. With a real-estate component and potential operating dividends.

Business established. Five actively progressing sites. Already obtained Feedstock agreements and verbal sales agreements. Land leased or being acquired. County and City support. Budgets prepared. Financing secures growth and recurring revenue base.

Diversified Product Stream. HiPoint generates revenues from tipping Fees, recycled shavings, water, bio-energy biomass, OTC products and building Facilities.

Product Benefits to our users Bedding


  • Performance and Premium quality Hypoallergenic Dust-Free horse shavings
  • Anti-microbial, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial bagged bedding for horse and barn health
  • Healthier barn environment with no dust, less ammonia and fewer critters in the stalls
  • A High absorbent rate for urine capture.
  • Easy coverage and more regular cleaning improve the barn environment
  • Eco – Friendly and help the health of horses heal sores and better breathing
  • Lowers the black fly population and can reduce equine disease
  • Saves on Operational Costs
  • Reliable on-site bedding product on demand


Product Benefits to our users Biomass


  • Creates organic biomass in 5 days (usually 6+ months)
  • Reduces time and space to produce high quality biomass
  • High demand markets for sale as:
  • High Value anerobic digestate (unusable wood shavings are removed)
    • Organic matter soil amendment (bagged or bulk)
    • Absorption pellets
    • NPK mix for fertilizer
    • High BTU fuel pellets for furnaces
    • Absorption pellets
  • HiPoint Facilities can create up to 30 tons per day. HPAB-5

For more details on sustainability and value product proposition see https://hipointbedding.com


Environmental Sustainability through the Influence of the Horse.



Solving a Poop Load of a Waste Stream Environmental Recycling Video

HiPoint Shavings Process




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