HiPoint Agro Bedding Recycling Process


HiPoint Agro Bedding (HPAB) Corp is a zero-waste environmental recycling company that produces environmentally sustainable, hypoallergenic dust-free reusable animal bedding through an integrated process that includes accelerated bioreactor drums that convert horse manure buns to an inert biomass to be used as a soil enhancement, and a closed dryer system that yields clean stall bedding (The HiPoint Agro Bedding process or HPAB).  The cleaned and pasteurized horse bedding is blended with fresh shavings and processed through a proprietary infusion process, bagged, and resold to local horse farms. The proposed HPAB-5 facility is capable of handling up to 59,000 tons per year of horse stall residuals. The HPAB facility consists of three isolated components (or buildings) within the same 48,000 sq. ft building:

Enclosed Facility Building


  1. 125-ft. by 118 ft. enclosed building where horse stall residual material is delivered by licensed haulers who access the building and deposit materials within the enclosed structure. Materials in this component of the process are separated and introduced into bins and to the conveyor belts that begin the separation process.

HIpoint HPAB ENclosed and Covered buildings
HIpoint HPAB Enclosed and Covered buildings

  1. 71-ft. by 118 ft. enclosed building that houses the bioreactor component where the horse buns are introduced into the self-heated drums and rendered inert after a period of a week or so. Any vapors or stream from the process is captured by biofilters to remove any odors.

hipoint recyled bedding facility

  1. 125-ft. by 200 ft. enclosed building for processed wood shavings, recycling and storage. This building contains the drying component where the stall shavings, having been separated from the manure buns, are dried in an enclosed heated system that pasteurizes the bedding material. This material is combined with fresh shavings and processed through the proprietary infusion system and bagged. Vapors and steam produced by the heating process are captured through a piping system and transferred, after filtering, to the water towers where the condensate is converted to water used in other processes of the facility.


Controlled Environment


  • HPAB is not a stand-alone compost site or transfer station
  • HPAB does not accept rotting manure to separate and process
  • HPAB only accepts stall residuals from licensed haulers using covered trucks
  • HPAB controls the quality of shavings and manure buns utilizing the facility
  • Stall residuals should be at least 60% wood shavings with no more than 40% buns by volume
  • No stall residuals will be stored or deposited outside on the building
  • Wood shavings and manure buns leave the facility in an inert state (little to no odor)
  • Replaceable carbon and ozone filters are used in buildings
  • Fans and blowers within the buildings produce low-level noise and odor
  • Low traffic count of under 19 trucks per day


Design Overview


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1. Trucks drop off shavings and manure buns from a covered hauling truck

2. Mix of shavings manure and fresh shavings enter the metering bin and remove any unwanted items

3. Separated the shavings and manure buns

4. Buns goes to the covered bioreactor to be made into inert biomass

5. Shavings go to be drier

6. Dryer makes everything inert - pasteurized and water removed to water tanks

7. Dried shavings are separated dust-free to customer requirement with fines and dust to the bioreactor

8. Resold shavings are infused with cellulose tree oils for anti-bacterial hypoallergenic bedding

9. Bagged in small 3.3 cubic ft compressed bag for standard coverage (around .100 liters) sometimes seen shown as 9/10 c.ft.

10. Bags are out on pallets for resale and shrink-wrapped for protection

11. Trucks transport bedding back to farms

12. Manure buns fines and dust and water are combined with enzymes for inert biomass

13. Cure for one to weeks in air-floors

14. bagged or bulked - biomass is picked up and driven away in container tailgate trucks


"HiPoint processes waste into renewable resources, which in turn promotes sustainability."


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