HiPoint Fuzed Gold horse bedding shavings

Fuzed Gold Hypo-Allergenic stall bedding.

The first sustainable hypoallergenic virtually dust-free absorbent bedding made from recycled wood waste

HiPoint organic matter soils and custom fertlizer 12 x 300

Fast Bioreactor Soils and Fertilizers.

Wasting nothing in the process any manure, dust fines and water mixed with carbon and enzymes creates a high yield low woody biomass soil or customer blend fertilizer

AD HiPoint Energy

Energy. Fuel. Hydrogen.

From stall, residual waste, the technology is here to produce BioChar for improved soil health—syngas to produce non-fossil fuel for electricity storage. Syngas can produce green Hydrogen. HiPoint is dedicated to making cost-effective green Hydrogen from horse stall residual waste.

N4L all bottles 2021 no hands

Healthy Horses. Naturally!

Partnering with N4L we combined the very best veterinary-approved tree and plant cellulose to make pain and protection blends for your horse. Totally natural and safe for all, these oils were used for centuries to heal and protect. We are bringing them back to the horse industry

HiPoint Infusion (tm) 2020

Infusing anti-bacterial health into all bulk bedding.

Custom designed for the HiPoint facility- Infusion allows for the micro misting of the N4L HiPoint blend to all shavings to make them hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-model & smell great. Now we are preparing a mobile version for large farms that want to make their bulk bedding and barns anti-bacterial before bedding in stalls.

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 2.10.17 PM

GPS AI tracking of Manure for carbon credits.

EPR Zero (waste monitoring) combines the requirements of responsible disposal and responsible reuse to help haulers, and local authorities know where and how much waste bedding came from and how it was disposed of. This will reduce taxpayer burden, and create a more productive solution to WM | WD | WR  ( waste management | waste disposal | waste reuse. ) And allows for carbon credit trading.

Reduce methane run off leaching and illegal dumping

Without HiPoint Facilities worldwide we can not have a waste-free world by 2030

Certainly, you have to add to the products page the fact that we build Facilities in high equestrian regions where SRW has become a crisis in the region and the equestrians see a need for recycled sustainable bedding to protect their horses, themselves, and the environment.