Jacquie Boddaert -Director
Jacquie Boddaert.
Paul Cross CEO & Head Designer
Paul Cross.
CEO & Head Designer
William McClounie Chair - Corporate Governance
William McClounie.
carla robin HiPoint wellness PA
Carla Robin.
Strategic Planning. 
john g director HPAB
John Gruetzner.
Director Advisor.
Chip Coulter Florida HPAB HiPoint
Chip Coulter.
VP General Manager Florida
Gerry Manager Calgary - HiPoint Agro Beddign Corp
Gerry Sobie.
Manager Calgary
Corry Smallegange Business Development HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp
Corry Smallegange.
Regional Business Dev'
Kelly Cross.
N4L Compound Advisor
Andrea Sagolla - Regional Sales - Queen of Poop
Andrea Sagolla.
Business Development
Adam Seanor CFO HPAB HiPoint
Adam Seanor.
CFO (financial)
Herb Larsen Engineer of HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp
Herb Larsen.
Internal Engineering
hillary doobs HIPoint Ambassadorshiup
Hillary Dobbs.
HiPoint Team slide March 2020

HPAB is focused on the equine bedding market. The team is made up of senior business individuals that have experience in project management, finance, engineering oversight and with specific expertise in the equine/animal bedding and recycling market. We have sourced and partnered with international technology and manufacturing companies with a proven track record in wood shavings, drying, heating, separating and bagging, to deliver a system designed engineered to further de-risk this project.

Paul Cross CEO and Head Designer of HiPoint designed the "HPAB process © "for repurposing stall residual and will be an HPAB partner. Mr. Cross was part of an early research team to recycling horse bedding. Over five years of designing and redesigning the process to a successful facility to recycle and resell stall residuals back to the local community. Over the last two years designed and developed a superior method of automation and recycling the total waste stream of horse bedding. Mr.  Cross has written white papers on the return of the great equine manure crisis, methane off-gassing and has papered two patents.

William McClounie is Chair of HiPoint and a Co-Founder of AgriFood Capital Corp. (AFCC) that provides business risk advisory services exclusively to the agribusiness marketplace. William has extensive experience in board governance and operational oversight, financial risk transfer solutions, insurance-based programs, and program delivery options. AFCC services include financial advisory support, project management, and financial program development/management for agribusinesses and commodity organizations.

Jacquie Boddaert is Vice-Chair of HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp with over 25 years of diversified business experience as a senior executive in the financial services, packaged goods & pharmaceutical industries. President of Monarch Wealth Assurance Agencies & Monarch Wealth Deposit Group Inc. managing over $700 million of client assets solutions. Significant strategic, governance, operational and business experience, Jacquie is also an avid equestrian and owns and runs The Meadows in King city Ontario a 90 stall elite equestrian farm.

Adam Seanor is the CFO of HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp. With over 12 years of equity research experience with Toronto-based investment banking boutiques. Ranked #1 by Thomson Reuters in the 2015 StarMine Industry Analyst Award. Extensive experience in real estate, banks, specialty lenders, financial services technology and special situations companies. Credit Experience as an AVP and as a Corporate Banker.  MBA from the Schulich School of Business – York University, Toronto, ON (2000), Bachelor of Arts from the university of Western Ontario, London, ON (1996), and CFA Charter holder.

Herb L. is a highly innovative mechanical design-engineering owner and manufacturer specializing in heavy industrial automated machinery and equipment.  Herb enjoys an impeccable reputation for delivering internationally acclaimed specialized, automated equipment.  It has integrated, with incredible effectiveness, the merger of brilliant imagination with computer-assisted design and engineering, resulting in drastically reduced design-to-construction capital investment costs.

Wood PLC. The HPAB process has had a 3rd party review by environmental engineering firm Wood PLC formally Amec Foster Wheeler. Wood LLC, a multi-billion international engineering firm that continues to consult on Facility connectivity, providing site-specific oversight of the HPAB process system within the building. This 3rd party validation includes Facility site design, site engineering connectivity, and verification of the bedding system process flow. To protect against environmental concern, their study already states our recycling process will use low to no emissions without the use of Chemicals or Polymers, which can be harmful to horses and the environment.

Are you environmentally minded?

Try the HiPoint brand of horse shavings.  Best Hypoallergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding to distinguished environmentally-minded equestrians.

HiPoint horse image - HPAB

Equine Bedding: Stall residuals

Calgary Alberta Canada and Wellington Florida USA are set to be our first Flagship locations North and South of our borders to reuse waste horse bedding to overcome the challenges of equine waste build up in Palm Beach County, Florida.

King City Ontario and Scottsdale Arizona, are tracking to be the next with the added benefit to resell and use the wastewater from the HPAB process.

Advanced Technology Solutions HPAB Process

Using age-old proven methods with new efficient organic technologies we are creating a Flagship solution to the age-old problem of too much manure, nutrient leaching and phosphorous overloading.

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