HiPoint wishes you a Happy Earth Day.

HiPoint will be partnering with Equine For Change to help the environment of waste residuals off-gassing and leaching manure onto the lands and into the atmosphere of our planet.

HiPoint goal is to recycle over 100,000 tons of horse manure / equine stall residuals to protect our lands and planet, Happy Earth Day.

Coming soon. A Non-Profit Organization Equestrian Foundation For Change ™

E-FC.org has three distinct areas of focus: The Equine For Change Foundation works within the public sector lobbying governmental and legislative change and insights that address the challenges to waste management, manure leaching and off-gassing into our environment, watershed, and lands.

Together our Clients, Donors, and Sponsors can also make a radical change in the equestrian industry by donating to the Equine For Change & Reigning Champion for Change cause ~ helping fund research, data, security, technology and beauty within the equestrian industry today.Equine For Change staff will work with, and lobby for, governmental change addressing the challenges to waste management, manure leaching and off-gassing affecting environmental hazards protecting our children's future.

Our passion for helping others and our industry professionals by providing local and global statistical data, research and investigating new technologies for equestrian businesses and symbiotic relationships that can help leverage talent for the environment, horse & rider. Through funding grants and donations, we help these initiatives flourish.

The Agency division is one where horse owners can fulfill their equestrian dreams of horse ownership, estate, and barn ownership through a screened world-class agency while the foundation protects the horses’ environment in that process.

The Goal is to create happier, healthier, & safer horses, so we have brought together a team to help you navigate your equestrian dreams from a single point of contact, with a focus on change so that whatever our clients decide to do, you are on the leading edge, and we are protecting the horses you care about today and for our environment tomorrow.

Together we can make a radical change in the equestrian industry. 

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