HiPoint is proud to introduce our manufacturers and experts along with their review of the HPAB Process

Dr. John Paul designed Building one ventilation system to remove 95% of odor inside and outside the building using:

  1. 12500+ CFM extraction fans
  2. Air -Recirculation every few minutes
  3. Carbon Filtration
  4. Ozone redundancy
  5. Negative air pressure building

Tim Johnston HPAB odor eradication - how Tim is using bioreactors ozone carbon filtration to eradicate odor and dust from HiPoint Facility


HPAB Internal Maintenance Herb Larsen our internal engineer explains how we are going to control build-out and maintenance, installation, and conveyor systems.

Tid explains odor and dust eradication through the re-circulation air stream and 49-micron filters that make this all stainless steel dryer, best of class, and has been installed in multiple industries including wastewater treatment plants.


Oscillating screens for controlled separation using enclosed covers to trap dust. BM&M has done thousands of applications across the world and is the premium manufacture of screening equipment including the wood and wood waste industries.

In part 2 Tim talks more about the problems with compost windrows and how we are using bioreactors that work like windrows enclosed without odor.

As Tim talks about his experiences to remove odor in downtown Manhattan with bioreactors eradicating food waste odors.

Take a sneak peek inside the Infusion tank

Picking up stall residuals in Palm Beach County from Wellington Ag Haulers

Take a sneak peek of Recycled Wood horse Shavings by HiPoint