OTC Pain and Protection Blends for horses and their riders. 100% natural 100% safe.

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NL4 covers 4 of the 5 sectors of Animal Health.

 Primarily we are  in  in  the  Veterinary Natural Health  products and  our Aromaceuticals blends have been proven effective  over  pharmaceutical  products. Our Protection  blends   are   all   anti- fungal, anti-bacterial working against infection and small critters likes flies, fleas, and ticks. While Protection Plus+ Concentrate protects the stalls and barns from large critters and cleans and protects the barn.  Our Pain blends stop bleeding from cuts,  sores,  and  bites. In competition or older horses we reduce tissue  and  muscle inflammation for horse comfort.

Beautifully packaged & labeled. N4L is a high-quality proprietary blend that is safe for horses and rider.




is scientifically formulated to help:

  • Area spray to guard against the carriers of infections and parasites with an anti-bacterial barrier.
  • Increase respiratory function. Horse cough and digestive discomfort
  • Healing wounds and inhibiting ticks, fleas, and viruses
  • Joint pain and arthritis in aging or competition horses
  • Soothes and Calms anxious state in everyone

Horses are living longer and being better cared for. The future of equine products will be filled with healthier and natural ingredients to prolong a long and fruitful relationship between horse and rider. We are doing our part to be on the leading edge of safe topical blends that work. “


Natural 4 Life’s product lines sets us apart in a healthy sustainable environment. It’s about a new way to relieve pain, breathe better and be healthier while being naturally Formulated safe for Humans, Horses, and Dogs.

ProMotion + Product ID 7706 NLF [lotion] Supports Healthy muscles and tendon, reduces inflammation and pain. NL4 ProMotion + is a proprietary essential oil blend in a non-greasy coconut-based emulsion created to play a role in supporting healthy muscles, tendons, and joint by stimulating circulation. Can be applied before or after high motion demand. It increases circulation decreasing the potential of injury plus assists in healing muscle fibers to aid overall motionabilitiy. It also reduces pain and discomfort which makes life more bearable.


Wellness! Product ID 7702 NLH [lotion]

Helps heal cuts, sores, wounds, including fungus “To heal and protect”. NL4 Heal It! Is a fast acting, non greasy, coconut based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in maintaining healthy skin, stimulates faster healing and protects against fungal or bacterial infections.

Calm Down! Product ID 7705 NLC [spray] Scientifically formulated blend to sooth  and  calm the anxious state in everyone. It decreases the internal stress response calming both animal and owner. NL4 Calm Down! Is a fast acting, non greasy, coconut based emulsion with a proprietary  blend that plays a role in soothing anxiety and tension. It decreases the internal stress responses and therefore calms both animal and owner.

Breath! Product ID 7701 NLB [spray] Supports Healthy Respiratory and digestive Function. NL4 Breathless is a fast acting,  non greasy coconut based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in supporting a healthy respiratory and digestive system. It suppresses cough   and   increases   lung capacity   during activity.  This blend decreases respiratory and digestive spasms making for happier animals and owners.

Guard + Bite Product ID 7703 NLP-s [spritzer] Protection against the biting effect insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other carriers of diseases and parasites. NL4 Protection + Bite is a fast acting non-greasy,           coconut based emulsion    with a proprietary blend    that plays a role in preventing / reducing infections and diseases transmitted by flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Protection + Plus Product ID 7703 NLP-s Concentrate Protection +  Plus  Concentrate mixed with water makes 8*1 in  a  pump  dispenser. Spray perimeter. Area spray to guard against the carriers of infections and parasites including Ants, Mice, Rats & Other Critters. External use  only.  Guards against the carriers of infection and parasites. Anti bacterial base compound helps keeps stalls clean.

Hands + Plus Product ID 7703 NLH [cream] Counters   airborne   and   surface   germs   as   well as parasites, keeping your hands clean. NL4 Hands + is a fast acting, non-greasy, coconut based emulsion with proprietary blend that plays a role in keeping your hands clean by countering airborne and surface