N4L Naturally Infused Medifuzed lotions and sprays to protect horse and rider. We are so excited to partner with Natural 4 Life. The animal baseline formula is infused into our HiPoint branded wood shavings that how convinced we are that you will love using N4L equine blends today.

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We are very proud to bring you - through our strategic partners N4L Natural Health products for pain and protection of horse and rider. Available online www.nl4.life or through international tack shops and in Calgary through Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. www.rmsj.ca

Have dogs - We have stores all across Canada carrying the unique NL4 Dog blend. For more information and stores call 1.604.807.8804 or email email@nl4.life


Horse and rider have been woven together throughout the ages, so we looked at how we could create a better environment for both. The dust from bedding creates a potentially dangerous atmosphere for horses and increasingly the owners. Both horse and rider work so hard to accomplish perfection, and it is stressful, especially in travel. Natural 4 Life will revolutionize the health and wellbeing of horses and their riders with NL 4th Generation OTC topical blends.

“Pain & Asthma associated with the horse industry and Equine Sports is common, our range of Pure Organic Health Blends solves their pain while repairing the damage from within.” Quotes Cross.

Natural 4 Life Horse and Rider Product line is scientifically formulated to help:
  • Increase respiratory function and colic
  • Anti-inflammatory muscle and joint pain, soft tissue damage
  • Healing wounds and inhibiting ticks, bugs, and viruses
  • Protection against flies, mosquitos and airborne viruses
  • Soothes and calms horses especially while traveling


30 ML precision dispensed cap

Hands+ hand cleaner SALE PRICE$5.99

N4L Promotion + on HiPoint Beddign website
Safe Secure Organic - Ride hard - play hard - polo? Afterward, rub in Fix it to soothe sore muscles tendons pulls and arthritis in older horses ( and riders!) Supports Healthy muscles and tendon, reduces inflammation and pain. NL4 ProMotion + is a proprietary essential oil blend in a non-greasy coconut based emulsion created to play a role in supporting healthy muscles, tendons and joint by stimulating circulation. Can be applied before or after high motion demand. It increases circulation decreasing the potential of injury plus assists in healing muscle fibers to aid overall motionabilitiy. It also reduces pain and discomfort which makes life more bearable. Has been shown to ease migraines and other stress-induced pain.


Equine - ProMotion+ Muscle and Pain

N4L heal it on HiPoint webpage
500 ML preferred with larger spray head to cover more area. Spray directly onto sore or area - rub in if safe to do so. Use 2-3 times per day until healed. Helps heal cuts, sores, wounds, including reducing fungus | hoof rot. “To heal and protect”. NL4 Heal It! Is a fast-acting, non-greasy, coconut-based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in maintaining healthy skin, stimulates faster healing and protects against fungal or bacterial infections.


Equine - Heal It ! Cuts & Wounds

N4L Concetrate Plus on HiPoint Bedding website
Spray perimeter safe. Area spray to guard against the carriers of infections and parasites including Ants, Mice, Rats & Other Critters.



N4L Protectipn bite on HiPoint Beddign Site
500 ML preferred with larger pump head to cover more area. Rub directly onto sore area - rub in through hair to skin. Use 2-3 times per day until healed. Protection against the biting effect insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other carriers of diseases and parasites. NL4 Protection + Bite is a fast-acting non-greasy, coconut-based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in preventing/reducing infections and diseases transmitted by flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.



N4L Breathless on HiPoint Bedding website
Supports Healthy Respiratory and Digestive Function. Including RAO in horses. NL4 Breathless is a fast-acting, non-greasy coconut based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in supporting a healthy respiratory and digestive system. It suppresses cough and increases lung capacity during activity. This blend decreases respiratory and digestive spasms making for happier animals and owners.



N4L Calm Down on Hipoint Bedding website
500 ML with large spray trigger - spray on hand and raise to the nose of horses or sprayed around trailer ready for transport. - 2 to 3 times per day. Can also be a sprayed around stall or barn as required. Scientifically formulated blend to soothe and calm the anxious state in everyone. It decreases the internal stress response calming both animal and owner. NL4 Calm Down! Is a fast acting, non-greasy, coconut based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in soothing anxiety and tension. It decreases the internal stress responses and therefore calms both animal and owner.