Environmental Sustainability through the Influence of the Horse.

The horse industry creates over 3 million tons of waste per month in North America alone. Creating 1.2 million tons of CH4 Methane off-gassing and leaching every year contributing to Global Warming. If the planet can not rise above 1.5 oC, what part are we playing to affect change? HiPoint can reduce GHG Methane off-gassing and leaching by up to 200,000 lbs per year each Facility built.

HPAB Facilities manufactures a premium wood shavings bedding at market competitive prices due to three key factors: Location. Transportation. Feedstock. Including a profitable byproduct of high-quality organic matter biomass as soil, fuel, or natural LNG gas.

Higher margins, price, quality, and competitiveness to market in highly populated horse regions, are the driving factors of our business success. 

There is a sustainable, innovative growth solution - we encourage you to learn more.


HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp.

Our mission is to manufacture the healthiest & most environmentally sustainable products on the market through natural Infusion techniques & environmental recycling practices.

Recycled Shavings

HiPoint is proud to be the first to manufacture a Hypoallergenic premium quality horse bedding sustainable recycled. We believe it is much better than the original bedding. Sold at cost-effective pricing to local horse regions. West Coast - Scottsdale & Calgary. East Coast Wellington & King. Coming soon. 

HiPoint Biomass Biochar Soil

BioMass Soil Fuel

After separating the wood shavings, the biomass is extracted, cured, and sold as a high yield soil amendment, fertilizer, or through pyrolysis made into biochar that has shown to reduces HABS. We can create a higher yield digestate for AD methane capture for LNG methane gas production.

EPR Traceability

EPR is defined as reaching an environmental objective of decreasing the total environmental impact of waste. Creating local government proprietary tracking software solution for haulers using RFID GPS  Admin reporting & Accounting using secure blockchain algorithms.

Water Pollution (HAB'S)

Reducing phosphorus and nitrogen overloading of our waterways and lands by thousands of tons per day. NPK nutrient overloading causes Algal blooms and fecal matter reduces water quality and increases clean up costs at local treatment plants.

Global Warming

1.2 Tg of Methane off-gassing & leaching comes from Horses. We are socially doing our part to reduce global warming while converting manure into new Revenue streams. Through partners in AD & Fuel Cells, we can create RNG to power hospitals at cheaper rates.

HiPoint Agro Bedding is an environmental recycling company that niched itself in the massive environmental crisis of horse stall residuals, wood shavings & manure. Through our cleaning process, we create better bedding than other virgin shavings due to its process and infusion techniques to make a dust-free, hypoallergenic, antiviral, antibacterial, antimold absorbent recycled bedding that protects horse and rider’s health in a barn environment. We encourage you to watch the following three-minute video. Animal waste manure to clean recycled bedding.

Are you environmentally Minded?

Probably the Best Hypo-allergenic Dust-Free Horse Shavings recycled for premium quality bedding in the world, for distinguished environmentally-minded equestrians.

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp. (HPAB) a profit-driven company, recycles equine stall residuals (horse bedding) naturally, without the use of washing, chemicals or polymers, through a process of separation, drying, pasteurization, and bagging. We do this while supporting waste management best practices, and biosecurity procedures. HPAB Facilities combine wood shaving recycling, water reclamation, and biomass biproducts to effectively manage the total horse stall residual waste stream, that is being inadequately disposed of creating environmental hazards, such as leaching and methane off-gassing greenhouse gasses (GHG’s) to our lands, waterways and planet.

Equine for change charity organization front image

HiPoint is a Proud Partner of the Equine For Change Foundation. Canadian Federally-Listed Not-for-profit Corporation 1145247-9 Dedicated to Equine Health, Security, Research & Beauty within our Industry. † Healthier Horses. Healthier Environment. We have three focused Initiatives. Educational Change. Legislative & Regulatory Change. Environmental Best Practices." VISIT HERE

Equine For Change has a passion is in promoting the health and welfare of horse and rider in a healthier environment through influencing governmental and legislative change, public education, and awareness. They focus on the stewardship of the land, reducing manure emissions from the air, land, and waterways by creating, developing, and funding innovative research and technologies. Bring awareness by managing global industry data, matching equestrian owners with industry partners to build out the industry together, morally and ethically, for the security and wellbeing of horses and their owners. Their vision. A global movement to look after the horses we care about today (through technology and best management practices) for our environment tomorrow. (by being good stewards of the land repurposing the manure waste-stream for good.) Together we can make a radical change in the equestrian industry. EFCF 2019 (c) . www.equineforchange.org

"In our view, nobody has solved the stall residual waste bedding problem because they didn’t think it was a problem until now." 

Paul Cross CEO Head Designer HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp

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Our internal staff and external ambassadors at HiPoint are everyday reining champions. We are immersed in the sustainability of our environment and our love for horses, animals, and weekend warriors who's Planet is their Genesis and need to protect it. We value being methodical, clear focused with a sensible structure to drive growth in a new niche to an old problem. Everyone has a role to play, and we encourage personal development, technical innovation, and geographical development of that role across the globe. Learn why HiPoint is the company you would want to join, trust, and grow with.