HiPoint Ag Bedding using the patent-pending HiPoint Process concerns itself with the ecological effects of altering our environment. This is why we work so 'pooping-hard' in solving the problem of a poop load of a waste stream. Horse Manure!

Many may think of Shit / Waste / Poop as "a whole wastestream of time," but we want to let you know at HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp. we believe it is not a waste of time. We have been working "pooping-hard" to solve this problem. How can we take a massive waste stream and reuse it to waste nothing & gain everything back from the horse stall? Even my folks think we build "poop factories!" In fact, we separate, clean, and reuse all components of horse bedding by building State of the Art Environmental Recycling Facilities focused on equestrian stall residuals (wood shavings, water, manure) because it is a massive crisis and growing throughout 2020 and beyond across the globe, especially as more government environmental agencies get tougher on manure leaching and off-gassing, especially in rainy seasons. Watch the VIdeo below. We separate the 'manure buns/road apples - the shit/poop' and convert it with water and fines to biomass in a separate connected building, leaving the wood shavings to be cleaned, sanitized, and infused to help the health of horse, rider & the barn environment. This allows us in local horse regions to resell a premium hypoallergenic dust-free horse bedding that is better than the original. Why? Because it helps reduce horse cough, breathing, RAO along with inflammation, cuts, and wounds to be an all-around better absorbant healthy bedding for horse and rider. At a Competitive Price to help all equestrians economically. "It's pretty cool," Quotes Cross CEO and Head Designer.


We encourage you to watch the video and if you think your region has more than 5000 horses and large Farms and Equestrian Facilities we want to hear from you Today.

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Reducing the environmental impact of manure in 4 steps. Equine Manure edition. Read the article on "The Great Manure Crisis Of Our Generation"