HPAB wood shavings product experience will be one of a premium experience for horse and rider. Undoubtedly heathier with its naturally infused process and thermodynamically dried bedding stabilizing low mold spores even after it's in the stall, while increasing better breathing in the barn while being virtually dust-free. HiPoint also makes biomass organic matter soils from the waste bi-product.

HiPoint Fuzed Gold horse bedding shavings

Horse Shavings

HiPoint organic matter soils and custom fertlizer 12 x 300

Organic Soils | Fuel

ProMotion+ Veterinary approved for horses

Horse Medications

HIPoint Bedding process produces Water

Irrigation & Reusable water

EPR Zero Monitoring
EPR Tracebility from HiPoint EPR ZERO

Monitoring technology

5 Product From 1 Wastestream

hipoint recyled bedding facility

3 minute video

HPAB facilities combine wood shaving recycling, water reclamation and biomass bi-products to effectively manage the total horse stall residual waste stream. We create hypo allergenic horse bedding shavings, biomass for compost, soil amendment, or fuel. Water from condensate and a line of OTC pain and protection blends for horse and rider.

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