HPAB wood shavings product experience will be one of a premium experience for horse and rider. Undoubtedly heathier with its naturally infused process and thermodynamically dried bedding stabilizing low mold spores even after its in the stall, while increasing better breathing in the barn while now allowing for high dust.

                              HiPoint recycled bedding is Safe & Hypo-Allergenic

                             Your bedding is Designed for comfort and is Dust-Free

                             Our proprietary Infusion makes it more than Anti-Bacterial 

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Our recycled bedding is hypoallergenic, dust-free, antiviral, antibacterial, antimold absorbent bedding that protects horse and rider’s health in a barn environment. We encourage you to watch the following three-minute video on the right.


HPAB wood shavings product experience a premium encounter.

We can send samples to your operations Direction or barn manager.

If we can remove your waste bedding stall residuals at a lower cost, and deliver on-demand a better bedding at a better price would you be open to trying and buying dust-free hypoallergenic bedding?

If it is up to the quality required by horse and rider at your venue, and we reduce overall operational costs at your facility, would you entertain creating a long-term contract with us?

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Recycled shavings

HiPoint HPAB Process (c) Recycles equine stall residuals (horse bedding) naturally, without the use of washing, chemicals or polymers, through a process of separation, drying, pasteurization, and bagging. We can effectively manage the total horse stall residual waste stream, being inadequately disposed of creating environmental hazards, such as leaching and methane off-gassing to our lands, waterways, and planet.