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HiPoint image intro prospoectus

While it has been harder to meet in person due to COVID, these files allow for an initial insight into our investment prospectus.

The PowerPoint is available by PDF or click "View PowerPoint" below to launch the online PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft.

Section 9 of the business plan below is the financials section (with more formal documentation available.)

Started in 2017 HiPoint is a federally listed Canadian company with offices in Canada and the USA with our flagship location office and LLC in West Palm Beach Florida, and a second office in Scottsdale Arizona covering the East and West Coast.

While Waste Management and Dairy industry Manure Recycling are not new, we have captured the attention to replicate this vast opportunity into the horse industry - with the same or better growth potential.

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2021 HiPoint Sales Brochure

Page 1 section 9 HiPoint financials

Paul Cross introduced the company to a Calgary Economic team in 2020 for the medium HPAB-3 (video shared below.)

The 3-minute video mastered in 2020 shows the lifeline and story of why we are HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp.