New stats on lowering emissions in USA misleading

Recent posts/tweets showed an infographic, stating" Declines in CO2 emissions in 2017, were led by the US" ~ this is misleading. The BP report is only on oil gas and coal. New methodology by the IPCC since 2016 now calculates emissions 8% lower - was this taken into account? This also does not take into consideration "Agriculture" that adds 400 Million tons of Co2 from Agriculture in the USA alone. Globally Agriculture by FAOSTAT shows 551,155,655,462 tons of Co2 emitted via Agriculture each year and has risen each year with the Americas being 2nd worse - only to Asia. We must not diminish climate change and emissions with stats that only tell 1/2 the story could be misleading. Agricultural technology to reduce Agricultural emissions must be brought to the forefront of Governmental change hashtagFAOSTAT hashtagmanure hashtagemissions hashtagwastemanagement hashtagclimatechange hashtagequineforchange

We need to be clear on statistics - to be told we have the greatest reduction in emissions is wrong - In Agriculture alone, USA spiked in 2016 with 360,000 Gigagrams of CO2 emissions or 4 Million tons of CO2 emitted in the USA alone - MORE needs to be done. If this is only Co2 emissions what about methane, nitrogen, phosphorous as all are affecting our Planet. We need more change and more government intervention to help technologies solve problems. These technologies are out there - let's push for change #equineforchange

As a country and as a Planet - WE ARE DOING WELL> We are working to reduce Co2 emissions greenhouse gasses, methane and the like. Let's continue to have Clear statistics, Transparent messages and incentives to do even more.

This report comes from BP and in their presentation

Notes: The carbon emissions above reflect only those through consumption of oil, gas and coal for combustion related activities, and are based on ‘Default CO2 Emissions Factors for Combustion’ listed by the IPCC in its Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (2006). This does not allow for any carbon that is sequestered, for other sources of carbon emissions, or for emissions of other greenhouse gases. Our data is therefore not comparable to official national emissions data.


When you read the BP report for emissions they are only showing oil gas and coal - what about all the other emitters of Co2 ?


Also :

Applying the old methodology to the fuel consumption numbers reported in the 2016 edition of the Statistical Review (the year in which the new methodology was adopted) would result in CO2 emissions about 8% higher than those derived from the new method.

chart Hipoint Bedding Equine For change - emissions 2
chart Hipoint Bedding Equine For change - emissions 1
chart Hipoint Bedding Equine For change - emissions 3

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  1. Hi
    Please let me know BP emission in USA and Europe in their reports separately.

    1. Hi there. The links to the article are in the post – I do not have separate reports or additional data at this time.

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