Water Pollution & the value of NPK recapture

Protecting the water table. Retaining value from recovering the NPK.

HiPoint owners are passionate about being good stewards of the land air and water habitat. We encourage you to read more about water pollution and how manure waste is causing fecal and NPK pollution phosphorous overloading and Algal blooms in our lakes. This is costing water management millions in clean-up and chemicals in stormwater treatment plants.

Our Facility processes the manure buns immediately to stop off-gassing from aerobic breakdown when left on fields to rot, and urine manure leachate from entering the groundwater when left, or composted outside. Inside the building, any leachate is captured and sent to be reused in the bioreactor for fertilizer and as we are on full concrete floors in a connected building, no wastewater can drain and enter the water table.

You can go here for more information on how we help with water pollution.

"The Shire"

Leaching and off-gassing are causing hundred of tons of nutrients and fecal matter to enter the waterways affecting our water quality.  In fact, for each large Facility built The Shire, we can save up to  200,000 lbs of Methane from off-gassing per year.

Nitrogen: removal of up to 1000 to 1,600 lbs per day (around 180 tons per year) from leaching and off-gassing

Phosphorus: removal of 200 up to 670 lbs per day (around 80 tons per year) from leaching and off-gassing

Potassium: removal of 600 to 834 lbs per day (around 150 tons per year) A major cause of algae blooms in lakes.

Fecal matter For every 1 ton of feces = 28,316 grams / 100 ML. Equating to a TMDL (per day) or approx. 100,000 MPN/g per 100 ml each day reduction of manure fecal matter.

The raw fertilizer price per ton is $220 (Q4 2022) The Shire created 18,000 tons of quality Fertilizer or $4 million in gross revenue.

Based on Data compiled by Farm Credit Canada suggests nitrogen fertilizer prices have increased by 148% from Canadian $550 per tonne (2200 lbs) in 2020-21 to $1,365 per tonne in 2022-23.

According to the World Bank, fertilizer costs have risen steadily since the third quarter of 2021, reaching levels unseen since the 2008 financial crisis.

Ref: https://bit.ly/3UNwXiQ  plus Multiple online sources, Florida state university. Penn State University.  Scientific white papers. Pricing - NPK commodities markets 2021/2022 ( NPK pricing surged in 2022 and current prices are higher) https://ycharts.com World Bank index

NPK values On the low end - from  55 pounds of fresh manure excreted daily, there are roughly 0.2 pounds of nitrogen, 0.05 pounds of phosphorus, and 0.12 pounds of potassium (K). These are just averages, though, and will increase depending on the horse's activity levels and feed.

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