Which Canadian Recycling Startups Are Revolutionizing Sustainability in 2023?

November 28, 2023


HiPoint – is one of the most interesting recycling startups making waves in the Canadian startup scene.

Thanks to Canada Ventures for showcasing & seeing HiPoint as one of the Recycling startups for sustainability that will revolutionize the industry in 2023

HiPoint AG ( EPR ZERO)

carbon credits

EPR ZERO, established by Paul Cross, uses a database to track nutrient waste in efforts for environmental accountability and recycling.

About HiPoint EPR ZERO

EPR Zero calculates the amount of manure waste, methane off-gassing, or leaching that would have occurred if the waste was dumped illegally or left to rot. This feature enables HiPoint to calculate carbon credits from the data, contributing to responsible disposal and a low-carbon economy. HiPoint can trade these carbon credits and help the planet fight against climate change. In the Facility, we calculate every lb. of waste coming through our Facility to extract as much valuable carbon awareness savings to trade across other Industries that need our credits. This factors into our  methodology of Waste Nothing Gain Everything (TM)

About HiPoint AG

HiPoint offers an ecologically sustainable solution to the bedding shavings industry’s waste buildup. Waste is often disposed of illegally, hurting the environment. HiPoint provides the healthiest and most sustainable recycled agricultural products while reducing leaching and methane off-gassing. The stall or barn residual waste stream is separated into four revenue streams: creating better products at higher margins, allowing for reduced farms’ operational costs while reducing deforestation and the carbon footprint, preserving water quality, and promoting regenerative agriculture. HiPoint’s trademark, “Waste Nothing. Gain Everything,” highlights our mission to reduce waste and help the planet.

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