EPR Zero Technology

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach that assigns producers with the responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their product, particularly for take-back, recycling, and final disposal of their own waste.

NonPoint Source Pollution through HiPoint Ag

HiPoint and the Horse Industry can help reduce nonpoint source pollution from horse manure leaching by implementing better transfer stations, removal hauling processes, and disposal methods primarily away from burning, spreading, or composting.

HiPoint invited to GIS 2021 from Royal Family

It was an incredible honor to be invited to GIS 2021 (Global Investment Summit) and the Queen’s reception, as one of the only Canadian companies invited. Along with powerhouses of industry, philanthropic giants, UK prime minister Boris Johnson, and the Royal Family. The purpose of the GIS summit was to bring awareness and funding to the UK, with a focus on sustainability and creating green infrastructure to protect the planet today.

Charities urge the EU to end use of certain Biomass for Energy

The Forest Defenders Alliance (FDA), an initiative to amplify the voices of NGOs in Europe and countries with forests threatened by EU policies, wants Brussels to protect forests rather than encourage more logging to produce biomass fuel for power plants.